About Us - At Highfields Country Holiday Fishing Retreat

About Us

We are a family run business with over 25 years experience in offering high quality and exclusive fishing holidays for both holidaymakers and holiday home owners. We operate in a very niche market (you won’t find any other company quite like us) and with our years of experience and customer feedback, we have become ‘expert’ at what we do.

Owners Paul, Sara & Chris, and all the staff at Highfields, are so incredibly passionate about the park and the service we provide that when meeting us you can’t help but notice infectious enthusiasm and friendliness bubbling over!

We have a great reputation in the industry as one of the leading pioneers in modern holiday park and fishery development! You need read no further than our extensive customer comments page to see why.

When buying or holidaying at Highfields, you will experience customer service that is second to none. Take a look below to learn about the team at Highfields who will be looking after you.

Who’s Who

Below are details about our friendly staff.

Paul Anderson : Managing Director

Paul Anderson

Managing Director

I first founded the business over 25 years ago, by buying the neighbouring land to my property which consisted of just two lakes and a few ‘falling down’ static caravans. Over the years, we grew the business into what is now the very successful Lowfields Country Holiday Fishing Retreat. It was always our intention to develop a second holiday park along similar lines and in 2006 the planning permission was granted and Highfields was born. For me, there really is no other park or retreat in the UK that comes close. We are the specialists in offering holiday homes with fishing – there’s nowhere else quite like us. We are totally unique. It is true to say that once our customers have found us, at first they can’t quite believe the superb location and then they never want to leave. Doesn’t that just say it all!

Adrian Clark : Park Manager

Adrian Clark

Park Manager

Nicky Clark : Park Manager

Nicky Clark

Park Manager

Chris Ashley : Director

Chris Ashley


It doesn’t seem so long ago that Highfields was just a series of plans and ideas. To see it today is a dream come true. Transforming bare agricultural land into a quality holiday park and fishery within such as short space of time has certainly been challenging but well worth the effort and investment. We have a great team at Highfields and it’s always fantastic to hear how much our customers enjoy their time on the park. I have been a keen fisherman since the age of 5 and love fishing the lakes at Highfields – I just wish I had more time to do it! The future is very bright. Whilst Highfields is already incredible, every year it will grow and grow to become even more amazing. There simply is no better park/fishery in the country offering a lifestyle package as good as this and I’m very proud to be at the helm of it.

Sara Ashley : Director

Sara Ashley


As Paul’s daughter, I have worked in the business from a very young age. Although I work from home a lot nowadays raising our family, I still have a very active role in the business at both parks managing the administration, holiday lets and clerical employees. I’m very proud of the beautiful parks we’ve developed and love nothing more than coming in with the children to see all the wildlife and improvements that are always going on. For me, Highfields is very special and quite simply ‘perfect’. As I’m the one who opens all the customer satisfaction questionnaires, it’s great to know that our customers all feel the same!

Jackie Fox : Park Warden

Jackie Fox

Park Warden

Carl and I have been at Highfields for three years now. We have both worked at other Holiday parks, but they have never provided us with such a friendly and peaceful environment to work in. It is a complete change of lifestyle for us both and the best decision we have ever made. I love the peace and quiet and all the open space and love to sit in the hide in the woodlands and watch any passing wildlife. I do love to chat to our holiday makers and home owners and often get carried away when asked about the park.

Carl Fox : Park Warden

Carl Fox

Park Warden

I have always loved the outdoors and to become a park warden in such fantastic surroundings working with my wife is a dream job for me. The park has a real friendly relaxed atmosphere and it gives me job satisfaction to see our customers having a good time. What I look forward to most is the summer evenings when we can both walk around the woodlands and then sit on our patio with a glass of wine and just enjoy the peace and quiet of Highfields.

Steve Doughty : Holiday Home Sales Advisor

Steve Doughty

Holiday Home Sales Advisor

Upon joining I was given a very warm welcome into the Highfields family They really are a great bunch of characters to work with!

Previously I had spent 7 years selling new & used motor homes to customers from all over the country so have a good understanding of needs & requirements of people who are looking to enhance their lifestyle.

For me, I now have the best job in Lincolnshire, with great prospects & working in a truly fantastic environment, with the calmest of ambience and I can be seen most days tip toeing through the woods with my camera, wondering which animal will be around the next corner.

Not having fished for about 20 odd years, I have now bought the tackle and enjoy the odd evening or even a day off fishing with my son Ben.

Dave Sellars : Park Assistant

Dave Sellars

Park Assistant